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Welcome to Chris' Pet Care & House Sitting Service. Specializing in a stress-free vacation for you and your pet!

Chris' Pet Care & House Sitting Service understands that your dog or cat are more than just pets — they are a beloved part of your family. You should expect them to receive the same kind of knowledgeable, compassionate and concerned care as any other family member. And thatís just what we have been providing for over 20 years.

Founded in 1989, Chris' Pet Care & House Sitting Service, provides experienced, qualified and individualized in-home care for all kinds of pets. It offers family pets a nurturing, loving and carefully supervised environment that is as similar as possible to what they would receive if their owners were home. This service keeps pets in familiar surroundings, greatly reducing the loneliness, boredom or separation anxiety that can sometimes cause problem behaviors.

Chris' Pet Care & House Sitting Service strives for professional excellence. It's owner, Chris McVarish, Ph.D., is insured, bonded and licensed. She has extensive education and training in the human-animal companion bond, including a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Chris stays on the leading edge of the pet sitting practices through continuing education in animal care, animal health, and holistic approaches to pet well-being.

If you have pampered pets who need special attention, pets who must be closely tended because of their age or other health concerns, or pets who simply cannot tolerate cages or the kennel environment, Chris' Pet Care & House Sitting Service can help. It offers reasonable, stress-free solutions for pet owners planning:

bulletBusiness Trips      bulletWeekend Getaways      bulletExtended Vacations

Whatever your pet's needs — or your own — Chris is there to help!

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