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"It is our pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Ms. McVarish, whom we have known for over five years... Chris has been so successful with her pet-sitting for two reasons. She is very knowledgeable and caring about animals on the one hand, and she is an outstanding person on the other. She is competent, diligent, very conscientious, trustworthy and has excellent judgment. She is everything one could want as a pet-sitter. She has excellent skills in dealing with people, as well as animals. In the last year our dog has had some complicated medical problems, including having to have a special diet and a long list of pills he takes twice a day, some of which keep changing the dosage. Chris is so level-headed and reliable that we never worried for one minute about her ability to keep our dog on track, and to handle things wisely if there were ever to be an emergency. We should mention that Chris typically stays in our house when we're away, and once you get to know her you will understand why we feel entirely comfortable giving her the keys to our house to keep at all times. Traveling is hard, and harder still when you have both a complicated life and a pet, especially one with special needs. When Chris takes care of your pet or your house, you can travel whenever you want, knowing that things are in excellent hands. We recommend her to you most enthusiastically."

— Kristin Luker and Jerome Karabel
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"It is our deep pleasure to recommend Chris McVarish, Ph.D. and her Pet Care and House Sitting Service. Chris has cared for our Cocker Spaniel countless times for both short visits as well as more extended trips. Her astute understanding, practical knowledge, and loving compassion for animals lead us to nickname her the 'Mary Poppins of the Pet World.' Our dog LuLu, is a high-maintenance pet. She has seizure disorder and suffers from separation anxiety. She requires medication, and, at times, Chris has cared for LuLu when she was ill. Never could we have even hoped for such a professional, dependable, and caring pet sitter as Chris. We have learned more about animal care from her, and our dog LuLu has benefited from Chris' innate love for animals, as well as the professional skill she brings from years of service in the field, as well as the experience and training she has in animal psychology. We have never felt so trustworthy of a pet sitter-or as peaceful at leaving our pet as we do with Chris. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Chris is in for a rare treat."

— Thomas and Becca Schworer
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"I am often asked to write letters of recommendation, but seldom have I been given the opportunity to endorse the character and qualifications of an individual as stellar as Chris McVarish. As my wife and I travel a great deal, we utilize Chris' Services no less than five times per year, and have done so for the past five years. Due to the variety and range of our pets, this is, to say the least, a challenge: from older dogs to energetic puppies, from bulimic cats to fussy fish, Chris has handled all of our pet-sitting needs. It provides great comfort and peace of mind to know that our family menagerie can be trusted to someone as competent as Chris, and we can leave our home and our pets entrusted to her care. With her experience, exceptional credentials, and the care and love she brings to her business, we cannot ever imagine ever utilizing the services of anyone else. We heartily recommend Chris McVarish."

— Bruce Wiener
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"I highly recommend Chris McVarish and her Pet Care and House sitting Service based on my many years of experience using her to provide loving care to my home, my English Sheepdog Sammy and my two cats, George and Grace. Chris is a true professional in every sense. Responsible. Reliable. Wise. Great Integrity. I began using Chris in November of 1996. Since that time I have used her service about fifty times, with trips ranging from extended weekends to over two week vacations. While I'm away, I always know my home and my much beloved pets are being very well-cared for, and that provides me with such a sense of relief and peace. You are lucky to have found her."

— Janet Smith
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"Chris impressed us immediately with her clear love and devotion to all animals not just our pets as well as her organized and professional demeanor. She was always very accommodating of our last second requests and was clearly very good with our pets an exuberant golden retriever named Maggie and two cats named Mort and Mocha (each with their own distinct personality). I knew Chris was spending quality time with our critters when she remarked how funny it was to watch Mort and Maggie chase each other. Few people ever got to witness this playful exchange, and it would only happen around people our pets were comfortable with...a good sign. But there are many indications of the quality of care Chris provides on every visit: detailed notes, remembering to give medications, turning lights on/off, bringing in the mail and newspapers...etc., etc. I have never hesitated to recommend Chris to any of our friends. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and, bottom line, always gives our pets the best possible care. They probably wish Chris came to visit every day."

— Celeste Bernard
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"Chris has a very tender and soothing disposition. She is able to engage my cats in play time, comb them, and cuddle them to sleep. My cats not only adore her, but upon my returns, they hardly take notice that I've been away. In addition to her friendly presence, Chris has a wealth of knowledge about animal behavior, allergy, disease and discomfort, as well as a good understanding of animal communication. I've called her on several occasions for her advice and I'm always impressed at how quickly she can refer me to a specialist, recommend a book, or share her own experience. Chris is tremendously empathetic, and I consider her to be one of the most ethical people I know. I first hired Chris in 1997, and I have never given another thought to kennel care or neighborly "obliged" individuals. When ever my husband and I talk about moving out of state, we quickly wake up to the horror and say, "Oh God - then we'd lose Chris!"

— Debby Handrich
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"I am pleased to be able to recommend Chris McVarish as an excellent pet sitter. Chris is a competent and loving guardian for my pets and I always feel confident leaving my cats in her care. She is very much in tune with animals, and it shows. She spends time every visit playing with them and petting them, so they get the attention they need, and I always come home to happy, contented cats. Chris is also very thorough, following the pets' normal routines and schedules, and makes herself easy to reach with her pager and answering machine. Most importantly, Chris is conscientious and dependable. This last Christmas, when there was two feet of snow on the ground, and ice all over the Puget sound area, Chris still made it to my house to care for my two cats, even though it meant parking her car and hiking in the last half mile! It's this kind of service that gives me incredible peace of mind when I'm away from home. I know that whatever comes up, Chris can handle it. Chris understands the human-animal bond better than anybody in whose care I have ever left my pets. I have recommended Chris to several friends already, and would recommend her to anyone whose pets are not just 'pets' but who are family members."

— Kelley Knight
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"I am happy to strongly recommend Chris McVarish to care for your pets. Chris has provided care for my three cats, Butternut, Pip, and Rosie, since 1999. The cats love her and they enjoy their own special routine with her of games, grooming, and the cuddle fests that are part of her "spa visits". I chose Chris after speaking with a number of pet sitters in Seattle. I feel comfortable with Chris because she is committed not only to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of my cats while I'm away, but she also does everything she can to make sure I don't worry about them while I'm gone... Chris calls and leaves me a voice mail message each evening after her daily visit to assure me the cats are well. Her love of cats - and her experience with her own cats - makes her sympathetic to my concerns and I'm confident in her expertise with felines and animals in general. I appreciate her skills and sensitivity to the unique needs of my animals... As a result, I can rest easy, knowing the cats are protected and getting everything they need in my absence. Most important, Chris is highly accountable and takes very seriously the responsibility of caring for my pets. On September 11, 2001, I was trapped in Washington, DC and Chris continued to care for my cats until I could return home several days later. She does not consider her job completed until she receives a call from me, from my home, notifying her that I've returned safely. Chris only cares for animals that she can reach from her house on foot in the event that she cannot come by car due to a disaster. Chris' high standards give me the peace of mind that no matter what my cats will be cared for until I have returned. I hope you will choose to work with Chris McVarish. I'm very happy that I did, and so are Butternut, Pip, and Rosie! She has become a family member and the other human my cats know and trust. Thanks to Chris, I can be gone for business and vacations without worry. My cats are the most important things in the world to me and I would not trust anyone else to care for them."

— Callie Jill Denton, JD
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"Chris McVarish has provided me with superior petsitting and housesitting services for the past two years. It 's an incredible feeling to go away on vacation and feel absolutely no concern over leaving my kitties behind. With Chris, I am assured that Dubba and Squirrel will enjoy generous play and one-on-one attention, and that my home is safe and secure. When I return, it's as if Dubba and Squirrel have been to the spa. Their fur is brushed and their bowls filled with food. They are peaceful and content. The best part is reading Chris' meticulous kitty report, detailing Dubba and Squirrel's day-to-day activities and her observations about their mood and overall health. I would wholeheartedly recommend Chris to anyone looking for an exceptional petsitter. Your companion animals will thank you!"

— Boo Davis
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"Chris McVarish has been taking care of my cats since 1997. I feel so lucky to have Chris as a neighbor and a cat sitter! Chris adores Cosmo, Ty and Trixie and treats them as if they were her own. She is SO loving and kind to our 'babies'. We especially love the report cards each cat receives. Also, the daily notes she leaves are so reassuring. She is truly one of a kind and we have all the trust in the world with Chris when we leave our cats in her care."

— Denise and Bret Goldstein
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"We have had the luxury of being able to use Chris McVarish's services since 1995. Chris has a tremendous affinity for animals, which we noted immediately when she came to be interviewed by our pets. Our female cat, who usually hid under the bed for hours when anybody but me or my husband was in the house, came right up to Chris and wanted to be petted and played with. I have always believed animals are a good judge of people! Since Chris has cared for our pets, they are relaxed and well when we come home. They seem to almost not have noticed we were gone. Chris is dependable and trustworthy. She has always had a key to our home. We have never had a moments hesitation about having her in our home and caring for our pets while we are gone. It has been wonderful to not worry about our house or our pets while we travel. Thanks Chris!"

— Lauren and Michael Nelson
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"Chris McVarish has taken care of my two cats, my many plants and made certain my house was okay on many different occasions, once for as long as five weeks. The service she provided was excellent. She is responsible, thorough, reliable, loving and everything one could ever want for a house-sitter. My plants and my cats were flourishing on each of my returns. Chris goes beyond the call of duty, on contracted services. I can't say enough good things about the way Chris provides her service. She is more then professional-she works with love."

— Susannah Smith-Walker
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"We have finally found a pet care service that we can trust and depend on-Chris' Pet Care & House Sitting Service. Chris McVarish, owner of Chris' Pet Care, takes her job very seriously and professionally. She loves and cares for our pets the way we would if we were at home. It is such a relief to know that we don't have to worry about Socks and Kitty when we are away. Chris will play with the animals, walk them and give them lots of TLC. Chris is very dependable and willing to help out in a pinch. I highly recommend Chris' Pet Care Service."

— Theresa Stauch
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"Chris McVarish came over 3-4 days a week to play with my golden retriever puppy Casey to give her love and affection while I was at work. I never once worried about leaving Casey behind because I knew she was in good hands and I always came home to a very happy and content dog! Also, I was very appreciative of the fact that Chris was very flexible. Many times I would call her at the last minute needing her to come over and she always came through. Not only is she flexible, she is dependable, competent, friendly and professional. I highly recommend Chris as a pet-sitter. You and your pets will love her!"

— Jan Stevens
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"Chris McVarish has been our pet caretaker for over two years now. Our many absences from home posed a problem for us before we met Chris: We counted on her time and time again, and her fulfillment of our trust never faltered. She made it sound easy when we would talk with her after our trips. But I know better: It takes a lot of commitment and an almost ingrained sense of responsibility to handle it all completely, again and again. When I say completely, I mean quality care. Our cats were in good shape every time we returned. They were happy and content; there was no sign of any estrangement behavior"; They had been played with, watched over and cared for, and in all ways taken care of. So, all in all, she was more than our replacement: she was our professional replacement. I'm quite sure she knows more about our animals than we do. As great a personality as Chris has, it is our trust in her knowledge, experience and judgment that ties the knot. Her performance will be the best."

— Thomas Felts and Robin Mitchell
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"I am very pleased to recommend Chris McVarish as a pet sitter. Her service is reliable, confident, honest and friendly. Chris quickly understood that our dog, Potter, and our cat, Camille, were members of the family and not simply animals. She asked questions about their habits and assured us that their routines would not be interrupted. Chris instilled "peace of mind" upon our departure and upon our return home we found our pets happy and content. Your pets and home will be in good hands-please believe me, you and your pets will love Chris McVarish, my husband and I give our highest recommendation."

— Ellen Bergeron
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"My husband and I have been clients of Chris McVarish for six years. We highly recommend her. Chris is flexible, reliable, efficient, and professional. Our two cats, Bacardi and Clawed Monet, took to her immediately. Chris was quick to tune into their unique personalities. Over these years we have both felt really good about going out of town and leaving the cats in her care without worry. Chris not only feeds them but spends quality time with them, takes care of the house and leaves everything in order for our return. She is very thorough down to her phone call to make sure that we've arrived home safely and on the date planned."

— Margery and Ed Buchanan
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"My partner and I have five cats, several of which have special needs. We would not entrust their care to anyone else. Two of our cats require daily medications, one is kept separate from the others because of aggression towards other cats, and between them they eat three different kinds of foods necessary to accommodate their various dietary restrictions. Chris has always kept detailed notes of which cats need what when, and consistently meets all their varying needs. It is always a little anxiety producing to leave your pets in the care of someone else. This strain is significantly reduced by our knowledge that our cats are having all their needs met from their feedings, health care needs, playtime, and companionship. We take comfort in the knowledge that if anything were to ever happen to any of our pets while we were gone they would be in the best hands available (next to our own.) Chris is a true professional who is consciousness about the trust we place in her. She is highly responsible, detail-oriented, trustworthy, unquestionably reliable, and serious about performing a job she clearly loves. Her devotion to cats is evident in the care she takes of her own cats, as well as the obvious affection she displays towards all of ours. We would not entrust the care of our cats to anyone else."

— Amy and Melanie
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"Chris McVarish is a wonderful petsitter! My husband and I have used her services for several years now, and are always pleased with the personal attention she gives our cat, Buddy, and box turtle, Soupy ... We never worry about our pets while on vacation or other trips away from home. Chris is meticulous to follow my written and oral instructions, and always leaves a written record of what was done each day for every pet (feeding, grooming, exercising, litter scooping, etc.). She is very knowledgeable about cat behavior and knows how to get Buddy to play and get exercise. She also grooms him and gives him cuddles, which are very important for him since he is an affectionate cat. Another important part of Chris' service is taking in the mail and newspaper and changing the appearance of the home (lights, curtains, etc.) so that it appears to be occupied. This is another service that sets our minds at ease while we are away! I recommend Chris' Pet Sitting to anyone who wants quality pet sitting and a personal touch. Nobody does it better, in my opinion!"

— Janet Rusin
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"My family travels frequently and it's nice to be able to leave our golden retriever with somebody who truly cares for him. Not only does he get fed and walked, but he also gets played with and cuddled. Cody is a very loving, sensitive dog who thrives on companionship. In our absence, Chris does an excellent job in caring for him the way we do...with LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE!!"

— Sherry Tyler
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"I have used Chris McVarish's cat sitting services for over four years. I am extremely pleased with Chris and give her the highest recommendation. I have one cat, Tiger, who loves affection. I travel about once a month, with trips varying from one night away to several weeks. Chris is always dependable...every time that I have traveled, it has been apparent that Chris has given Tiger the loving attention on which she thrives. Chris brings common sense, responsibility, and love of cats combined in her service."

— Dian Grueneich
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